We are a group of travel experts and travel journalists.
As editorial staff, we monitor daily which hotspots there are in the city.

+30 Journeyexperts

Every day more than 30 travel experts go out for us to see which new hip spots there are. Furthermore, we look for new attractions, highlights, skyline views, fancy restaurants, hospitable hotels and chill places.

+ 10 Varying tours

Since a city is never finished and things change every day, we also adjust our tours daily. Of course, some highlights such as in Rotterdam the Martkhal will remain in the highlight tour for the time being. Maybe soon The Wheel there?

24h Ask questions

Do you have a question about a tour? About a MUST SEE location in a city or do you want extra tips? Or questions about your reservation of a tour? Via e-mail, app and this website we can be reached 24 hours a day!

8 Different languages

A decent tourist platform knows its languages, so our tour guides and travel experts can speak more than ten languages. We can give our tours in: English, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Dutch of course!

Journalistic independence

Nobody pays us to place nice locations, restaurants, attractions or hotels on our website. We have an editorial statute stating that every travel expert and journalist can not accept money or resources. All info on this website is therefore objective and genuine!

Help us!

Of course we try to keep everything up to date as well as possible. Do you see something nice? New attraction, beautiful location, cool restaurant or hotel? Share your great experience and become a MUST SEE ambassador! Following your request we will investigate AND your name will be mentioned on the website!

Joost: "Working at MUST SEE is great fun work!"

As editor-in-chief of MUST SEE Rotterdam, I am daily busy with the most beautiful and hidden places in Rotterdam. I update the website and the app daily with the best calendar tips, new hidden stories and beautiful photos.

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Everyone who uses our platform, we ask for their sincere opinion

Sander Nelemans

Really super useful! Not only for booking a cool tour! We had the Rotterdam inside out tour and we came to spots (have lived in Rotterdam for years), which I really did not know! Recommended!

Erik van Veelen

Tour booked! Nice places seen in Rotterdam! Didn't know it's such a nice city.

Frank Boudeling

Really handy that must see locations. Now I knew for sure what to visit. Google shows you everything, but then choose something.

Peter Houten

Too bad it is only for Rotterdam, would like to see it in Dordrecht!

Our partners

The editors are supported daily by our partners. For example, we work closely with: The Regiehuis, the Municipality of Rotterdam, Wonderful Rotterdam, RET, Rotterdam Top Sport and Image Mentality.


Located on the - as Rotterdammers call - Noordereiland. Right in the center, but with a view of the center, without the noise. Click here for more info.