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Historic Delfshaven

Piet Heynsbrug, 3024 RK Rotterdam, the Netherlands (2)
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If you are looking for a piece of picturesque Rotterdam, you should visit historic Delfshaven. The former port of Delft survived the war making it one of the few places in the city where you can revive old times.

Visit the Oude Kerk, the old mill, historic buildings, canals and courtyards. Delfshaven is internationally known for the Pilgrim Fathers. They were English Puritans who left for America from Delfshaven. Enjoy the water, the boats, cozy cafes and the beer brewery.

Mill Tour

Especially loved by tourists, but certainly also by people who love fresh flour for their bread or cake. At the end of the Voorhaven (number 210) is the Korenmolen. Located here is a shop full of flour products and you can get a tour through the mill. They are open every Wednesday and Saturday between 11: 00 and 18: 00 hours.

Did you know…

This is the oldest part of Rotterdam? It is still from 1389. It might be strange that the old harbor was actually the port of Delft, which was a kilometer or 10 to the north. But since Delft was not on a big river, and they did not feel like paying taxes to the Rotterdammers, they put their own little harbor on the Maas. Around it grew the town Delfshaven, which is now part of Rotterdam again. It can be weird.

Nowadays things are going very well in Delfshaven and the surrounding area. The neighborhoods have been in a slump for years, but are now fully blooming again.


Before the war, Rotterdam 48 had beer breweries. Nowadays there are only three. One of which is The Pilgrim in Delfshaven and is definitely worth a visit. They have a perfect terrace right on the water. You can also have a bite to eat. On the other side of the water are also several terraces. Enjoy and enjoy life here! Address: Aelbrechtskolk 12, Rotterdam


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Wonderful spot in Rotterdam! If you come from the city center, go via the Nieuwe Binnenweg to Delfshaven. You can also take that immediately. In Delfshaven itself it is lovely in the summer through all the lovely terraces with a view. In the winter, the weather is beautiful because of all illuminated buildings and lights in trees and ships. One of my favorite places in Rotterdam.

- Nov, 01, 2018 -

You do not expect something like that in Rotterdam! Beautiful beautiful old buildings, but very cozy terraces. Absolutely not touristy.

- Aug, 29, 2018 -