NR. 5 Erasmus bridge

The 800 meter long Erasmus Bridge is the icon of contemporary Rotterdam. The graceful bridge over the Nieuwe Maas was designed in 1996 by architect Ben van Berkel and connects the north and south of the city. The bridge was nicknamed 'the Swan' because of the bent pylon and is an inspiration for many photographers.

Did you know…

The bridge swung back and forth in its early years when it blew hard? This is because raindrops slightly change the profile of the turrets and make them more sensitive to wind-induced vibrations. To dampen the vibrations, new dampers have therefore been installed. When you walk over the bridge, you see them sitting between the bicycle and footpath.


Do you want tear-jerking shots of the bridge? Then go to the corner of Parkkade and Westerkade. Here you can take beautiful photos of both the bridge and the Kop van Zuid. And as you can see here, you can also photograph beautifully from the Stieltjesstraat:

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