NR. 1 Market Hall

An amazing work of art of two football fields, designed by Arno Coenen, called De Hoorn des Overvloeds. By this we mean of course the beautiful artwork on the inside of the Markthal. Everything is here in abundance. Good food and fresh fruit, but you can also have a drink here on top of the food stalls.

Did you know…

The square in front of the Markthal de Binnenrotte is called? This square owes its name to the river Rotte that used to run here. This piece was muted in 1871. Nowadays, one of the Netherlands' largest underground railway switches, the Willemspoort tunnel, is located below the square. Perhaps you can recognize the church on the picture below. Here the train clearly went above ground.
inside rotte


Do not go into the Markthal on Saturdays, too busy! Then you better just visit the market on the Binnenrotte. Especially during the day on weekdays you can stroll along the fresh food stalls of the Markthal, and then drink on top for a drink. Mayor Aboutaleb brings in such a fish Andalus Fish.

You can also view the Markthal in peace from a distance from the terrace of Bistro bar Binnenrotte, in the Central Library of Rotterdam. That library is worth a visit anyway, by the way!

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