NR. 8 Veerhaven

You will encounter a historic and unique piece of Rotterdam around the Veerhaven in the Scheepvaartkwartier. Sailing ships float on the water and stately mansions revive the old shipping feeling of Rotterdam.

The surroundings of the Veerhaven are a world of contrasts. If you walk west towards Het Park, you will find stately mansions on Parklaan - quite unique in Rotterdam, and a monument to the wealth that trade by sea brought to Rotterdam. To the north, on the Scheepstimmermanlaan, you will encounter nice eateries, snack bars, whore houses and cafes. You will not find a better place to hang out as the drunk sailor in Rotterdam.

Float and drink

On the Veerhaven itself you can get your food and drink at the popular café Loos. Since 1988, this has been a hotspot for lawyers having lunch, business people bubbling and thirsty port residents. On the quay you will find the Turkish restaurant Zenne. The tablecloths are made of paper, the music is a bit too loud, the food is on the salty and pricey side, but the view over the Maas is magnificent - if there is a space available.

Harmony wegzwijmelen

If you are in Rotterdam by the end of the summer, get it Veerhaven concert with it. Once a year the port becomes the stage for classical music of world quality. The crowd dips out and enjoys floating boats from the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra and soloists from all over the world.

Did you know…

The Veerhaven is a popular place for bridal couples to be photographed? The romantic cityscape over the Nieuwe Maas towards the Kop van Zuid and the Erasmus Bridge makes this an eminently suitable place to have the most beautiful day of your life captured.


The Wereldmuseum is located on the corner of the Veerhaven. With more than 1800 objects, this museum has one of the most important ethnographic collections in the Netherlands. The museum introduces you to cultures from all over the world. The Oceania and Indonesia collections belong to the absolute world top according to experts.

Thomas de Leeuw

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