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RET comes with digital ticket for tourists visiting Rotterdam

The RET comes with a special digital ticket for tourists visiting Rotterdam. As a result, tourists do not have to buy an OV chip card, but can check in with their telephone.

Visitors to Rotterdam must put the Must See tourist app on their telephone in order to use the digital ticket. In addition to the tickets, the app also features sights in various cities ...

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Rotterdams company paves the way for Google

The Rotterdam-based company Must See outdoes Google and comes first with an Augmented Reality navigation app. With the help of a digital navigation bird you can discover the hidden places of Rotterdam.

Think of it as a combination of Google Streetview and Pokemon Go. Google itself will soon also come with its own Augmented Reality navigation in Google Maps. How is little Must See going to compete with the tech giant?

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Source: BNR Nieuwsradio

MUST SEE explains virtual reality over real ones

The promise of the Must See app: people who wander through Rotterdam, show hidden treasures. Such an app seems useful, because not only visitors, but also Rotterdammers often overlook it.

After conducting this interview, I downloaded the app and watched if it delivered on the promises. Somewhere in the Westzeedijk is an atomic bunker. Must See offers a video of the bunker, short informative texts and quite a few interior images. And for whom the taste of this kind of underground architecture ...

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Hotspots in Amsterdam? No, this site simply guides you to Rotterdam

Who wants to look up the gems of Amsterdam, for a city trip to the capital, is via the site MUST SEE automatically redirected to the Rotterdam hotspots. Cold fair?

No, says Rotterdam-based Maikel Coomans. ,, We might convince the tourists looking for Amsterdam to come to Rotterdam anyway. This is a much nicer city! "" Coomans bought the beloved domain. "An internet domain with Amsterdam is very popular."

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Source: Algemeen Dagblad

This is there to do during the World port days

The 42e edition of the World Port Days takes place Friday 6 up to and including Sunday 8 September in Rotterdam. Below an overview of the activities. A map can be picked up at information points or downloaded.

Different program items can also be experienced with augmented reality. Through the Must See app you can see the World Port Days appear and you can look up the points where there is an extra digital experience through icons on a map.

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AR as an efficient tool

Since the Pokémon Go Game on the street, we have seen few applications of Augmented Reality (AR) that enrich the public domain. But since August there has been a revolutionary app that can enliven city breaks with AR.

Maikel Coomans, editor-in-chief of the MUST SEE tourism platform, talks about the innovation apps about the possibilities that AR offers for real estate. AR elements can be added to a city in the app, Rotterdam had the scoop…

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Source: Real Estate Current magazine

Official launch of MUST SEE

Various media reported in November about our launch in Rotterdam. For example, for two weeks we had illuminated various icons of the city with red breathing light, but we hadn't told anyone that we were.

Whole discussions arose on social media about where this red running 'fire' came from and who was behind it. During the campaign, more than 100 people knew about it (including the alderman), but no one leaked until the launch.

"Super convenient that app!

Through the MUST SEE app I got push messages that alerted me to the nice hidden stories of the city. I like the augmented reality in the app that really makes the city come to life!

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