Why you Rotterdam must visit ?!

Because we say so, but especially because this is a unique world city!

A world city!

Rotterdam is the second largest metropolis in the Netherlands, it is raw and cool and is built where you stand. In the Second World War Rotterdam was bombed as well as flat, this and the typical 'not dope but brush' mentality of the Rotterdammers themselves, has ensured that Rotterdam in 2017 has become a very diverse and modern city.

'Everything seems new'

Modern architecture is just as easy interspersed with traditional Dutch architecture, such as stepped gables. In addition to the special architecture, Rotterdam has a multi-ethnic community that gives the diversity of the city color and smell!

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The city is divided in two by the river Maas and connected by the Erasmus Bridge, also known as 'De Zwaan'. In the northern part of the city lies the center with highlights such as the Markthal, special architecture of the central station and the diversity and cosiness of the West Kruiskade.

skyline City

On the southern part of the city you will find modern buildings such as De Rotterdam, part of the modern skyline that Rotterdam has as the only city in the Netherlands. In addition, you will find special local initiatives such as the Fenix ​​Food Factory, an alternative market hall with organic products built in an old harbor shed.

Rotterdam offers something for everyone, but you have to know the spots! And the guides of Must See Rotterdam know that like no other!

Not To Forget


Rotterdam is not yet used to tourists and is an 'upcoming city'. That means many advantages, because you experience a raw city as it is. Nothing is fake. Still, with its port as a foreland, Rotterdam does take on worldly proportions. Here too there are pickpockets active!

  • Hotels can be booked last minute here
  • City has many excotic restaurants
  • People are raw and direct, but honest!
  • Little history, but a lot of architecture
  • River that crosses the city
  • You also have a lot of water attractions
  • Very few tourguides (except Must See, of course)
  • Taxi drivers from RTC and St. Job can be trusted
  • City has many pubs that are open 24 hours a day
  • Has a very tourist accessible world port!

Rotterdam airport -> center

If you arrive by plane in Rotterdam, it is usually best to travel to Rotterdam Central, from where you can reach the entire city.

  • Taxi € 15, -
  • Car hire € 55, - per day
  • Bus € 1,80

You can take a taxi, rent a car, but the cheapest way is public transport.
Take bus 33 towards metro station Meijersplein, where you can take Metro E towards Slinge. An advantage of the metro is that you can also sit for a while after Central Station. One or two stops away you are in the middle of the center. Or if you do not want to transfer, take bus 33 towards Overschie (take a little longer, but you will also arrive at CS)

Rotterdam Centraal  and further into the city

The station is located at the center, so in fact you can easily reach places such as the Lijnbaan, Schouwburgplein and the town hall from here.
Do you want to go a bit further and is this your first visit? Then take the tram. The metro is faster, but you can not see much of the city from under the ground.
keep an eye on: the trams and buses departing from Rotterdam Central usually go two ways. So pay attention to the destination next to the line number. Soon you will end up in a suburb.

“Super handy that app!

Through the MUST SEE app I got push messages that alerted me to the nice hidden stories of the city. I like the augmented reality in the app that really makes the city come to life!

View the MUST SEE map of Rotterdam