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Every day there are cheerful guides waiting for you to get to know cities better! You will find information about the departure times, dates and costs per tour. You will also find information or tours for wheelchair or walker users. To be able to participate in a tour you must always make a reservation. You can do this online via our reservation system, e-mail or call us.

All our tours are given in both English and Dutch. German is possible on request.

Conditions cancellation
* The tours always go on, provided there is a storm announced by the KNMI with code red.
* If the safety of the group of participants can not be guaranteed by whatever circumstance
* If there are less than 3 participants on a tour. We then try to move the tour or you get the full amount back.
* If you are unable to participate, you can join a new tour at a later time. Money back questions is not possible, but you can get a voucher from us that is valid for a year and is exchangeable for each tour (thus the amount is high enough).

We use a completely secure closed system. This means that you have to pay in advance, or at the start of the tour with a PIN or credit card. We do not want our guides to have money in their pocket because of their own safety.

Group discount
For groups larger than 20 call or email us. We will then see whether the tour can be tailor-made and therefore cheaper.

Own safety
Participation in a tour is entirely at your own risk. Losing or damaging your property is entirely at your own risk. Our guides and other supervisors can not be held responsible in any way.

Our editors determine what a MUST SEE location is. These are assessed on a number of criteria such as accessibility, familiarity, price, location, (optional) hospitality, quality and innovation.

All locations are visited by a member of MUST SEE. This is then assessed against the above criteria. Afterwards, this 'hotspot' - if this is good enough - will be added to the must see locations in the list of the city in question.

Companies / hotels / attractions can invite us to come by, this does not immediately guarantee a place in our must see locations. Our editors are independent and therefore do not accept money or goods from a particular location. We can not correspond to the results of a visit by our editors.

How is a new MUST SEE location added?
* Our editorial team itself surveys which new locations can be added.
* In addition, visitors can also bring us locations / attractions / companies. This will then be reviewed after assessment if necessary and possibly added to the list.
* We like to reward MUST SEE members as our loyal followers and can also instruct our editors to visit a location / attraction / company by an editor. After that, an editor will still decide whether a location will be added.

We are currently starting in Rotterdam, but we are already expanding this autumn to other cities.

Via the registration button in the main menu you can become a member of MUST SEE.

Send us an email to and we upgrade your account to MUST SEE member for free. As a result, you automatically receive a discount on all tours that MUST SEE gives and you get an extra discount on tickets that can be ordered through us.

Hell yes! You can now download the app in the playstore and app store. Look under "Must See". You will find a lot more about a city or location and you can use our AR technology to get to know a city even better.

Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions
In these general terms and conditions, the following terms are used in the following sense, unless explicitly stated otherwise or the context proves the contrary:

1.1 Access fee: price of tickets.

1.2 Agreement: the agreement between the End User and MUST SEE Rotterdam.

1.3 Event: a public or private event, such as a performance of artistic, musical, cultural, sporting and / or recreational nature organized by the organizer.

1.4 End user / you: the named natural person who buys tickets for an event via the MUST SEE Rotterdam channels.

1.5 Location: the place where the event is held.

1.6 Order: the total number of Tickets in one purchase, as completed by the End User.

1.7 Organizer: the party that undertakes to organize and carry the organization of the Event.

1.8 Personal data: all information relating to a natural person with name, including but not limited to a name, an e-mail address and a telephone number.

1.9 Terms and Conditions: these general terms and conditions of MUST SEE Rotterdam.

1.10 Third Ticket Provider: a party that offers tickets for its own events or events organized by others.

1.11 Ticket (s): the digital or physical license to participate in an event.

1.12 MUST SEE Rotterdam: MUST SEE Rotterdam International BV, the user of these general terms and conditions.

1.13 MUST SEE Rotterdam channels: a website, application, widget, (embedded) link, call center or any other way in which MUST SEE Rotterdam allows the purchase of tickets by the end user.

1.14 MUST SEE Rotterdam Customer Service: the MUST SEE Rotterdam department available for questions and comments from end users, contact details can be found via the MUST SEE Rotterdam website.

2. Applicability of the general conditions
2.1 These general terms and conditions - which from time to time are adjusted by unilaterally viewing MUST SEE Rotterdam - are applicable to all MUST SEE Rotterdam services where MUST SEE Rotterdam facilitates the end-user tickets for an event organized by the organizer. The MUST SEE Rotterdam conditions apply to all MUST SEE channels in Rotterdam. By accessing and using the MUST SEE Rotterdam channels, you acknowledge and agree to have read, understood and agreed to the MUST SEE Rotterdam conditions.

2.2 In addition to the MUST SEE Rotterdam conditions, the general terms and conditions of the event organizer apply between the relevant party and the end user. The General Terms and Conditions of the Organizer are available from the relevant party.

2.3 In case of contradictions between the provisions in the MUST SEE Rotterdam conditions and other general terms and conditions, the provisions of the MUST SEE Rotterdam conditions prevail.

3. Scope of the MUST SEE service in Rotterdam ('the agreement')
3.1 MUST SEE, via the MUST SEE channels in Rotterdam, offers a platform with which events can be advertised and with which end-users can purchase tickets for such events. MUST SEE Rotterdam only acts as an intermediary in the conclusion of an agreement between the end user and the external ticket provider and MUST SEE that Rotterdam is in no way a party to that agreement.

3.2 MUST SEE Rotterdam, before the Tickets are paid by the End User, state the total Order Amount to be paid by the End User, consisting of the Access Costs and - in some cases - a Reservation Fee. The booking charges cover all other costs, such as service costs and / or processing costs charged by a third party provider or organizer and payment costs charged by payment service providers.

3.3 After successful completion of the payment of the Access Charges and all other costs by the End User and delivery of the Tickets to the End User by MUST SEE Rotterdam, the Third Party Ticket Provider or the Organizer, the Agreement between MUST SEE Rotterdam and the End User must be closed .

3.4 In the event that no consent is received for the payment of the End User, MUST SEE Rotterdam must inform the End User that the transaction has failed and that no Agreement will therefore be concluded and / or concluded.

3.5 MUST SEE Rotterdam has the right to change or cancel the Order of the End User within 48 hours after completion of the payment in case MUST SEE that Rotterdam can not deliver the actual tickets to the End User.

3.6 MUST SEE Rotterdam buys the tickets from the external ticket provider or the organizer and delivers the tickets to the end-user or ensures that the tickets are delivered by e-mail to the end-user by the external provider or the organizer. , SMS and / or other messages.

3.7 Upon delivery of the Tickets purchased by MUST SEE Rotterdam, the Third Party Ticket Provider or the Organizer to the End User, the End User waives his right to terminate the Agreement during the cooling-off period of 14 calendar days.

3.8 The Ticket gives the End User access to the Event. The ticket is only valid on the date and time indicated on the ticket, unless otherwise stated on the ticket. For some Events, the Ticket may be valid on days other than the date stated on the Ticket, but will never be valid on dates later than 14 days after the date indicated on the Ticket. End users can contact MUST SEE Rotterdam Customer Service to check whether their purchased ticket can be valid on dates other than the date stated on the ticket.

3.9 Cancellation policy: In view of the provisions of article 6: 230p part b of the Dutch Civil Code, the cooling-off period and the right of withdrawal do not apply to the services of MUST SEE Rotterdam. Hence, MUST SEE Rotterdam is not obliged to take back or exchange Tickets after the payment has been completed, nor to give the End User a refund. The end user must contact MUST SEE Rotterdam Customer Service to cancel their tickets and request a refund. When reimbursement is possible, the restrictions that apply are stated on the product page and in the e-mail for the delivery of tickets sent by MUST SEE Rotterdam to the end user. The End User must contact MUST SEE Rotterdam Customer Service before the specified time limit; all tickets without visit time mentioned start at midnight on the visit date. When MUST SEE Rotterdam agrees to a cancellation with refund, MUST SEE Rotterdam must charge the end user cancellation costs equal to 8% of the total order value.

3.10 MUST SEE Rotterdam services are only available for personal and non-commercial use. The End User is not permitted to re-sell, deep-link, use, copy, check (eg Spinning, Scraping) the content or information, software, products or services available on the MUST SEE Rotterdam channels, view, download or reproduce. any commercial or competitive activity or purpose, unless explicitly agreed.

4. Use of personal information
4.1 MUST SEE Rotterdam respects your privacy and refers to the Privacy Policy for more information.

5. Intellectual property rights
The End User is not permitted to publish, directly or indirectly, any intellectual property rights relating to names, logos, formulas and any wording and music, for advertising purposes or otherwise, that belong to MUST SEE Rotterdam, and / or whether they reproduce or use or benefit from this in any other way, unless the prior written permission of MUST SEE Rotterdam has been obtained

6. Disclaimers
6.1 MUST SEE Rotterdam does not guarantee that:

a) the information on the MUST SEE Rotterdam channels is correct and complete. In the provision of services, the information is based on the information provided by Ticket Providers or Organizers of MUST SEE Rotterdam. Although MUST SEE Rotterdam will use reasonable skill and care when performing services, MUST SEE Rotterdam will not verify or, and can not guarantee, that all information is correct, complete or correct (including the rates and availability of Tickets), nor MUST SEE Rotterdam are held responsible for any errors, including errors resulting from any interruptions (due to temporary and / or partial failure, repair, upgrade or maintenance or otherwise of the MUST SEE Rotterdam channels), incorrect, misleading or untrue information or non-delivery of information. The MUST SEE channels in Rotterdam do not form and may not be regarded as a recommendation or approval of the quality, service level, qualification or (star) assessment of an event that is available via the MUST SEE Rotterdam channels.

b) display of prices based on currency conversion is correct. Currency conversion is for information purposes only and may not be relied on as being accurate and in real time; actual rates may vary.

6.2 Obvious mistakes and errors in the pricing (including printing errors) are not binding.

7. Liability
7.1 MUST SEE Rotterdam is not liable towards the End User, except in case of direct damage caused by gross negligence or gross negligence of conscious recklessness of MUST SEE Rotterdam or MUST SEE employees of Rotterdam (acting in the course of their job MUST SEE Rotterdam must fully and collectively liable towards the End User arising from or in connection with the Agreement and the MUST SEE Rotterdam conditions, irrespective of whether these have been recorded in tort, or otherwise, to the extent permitted by law, to be limited to paying direct damages to write to MUST SEE Rotterdam and will not exceed the amount of the Access Costs.

7.2 MUST SEE Rotterdam is not liable for indirect damage or loss, including consequential loss, loss of profit, missed savings, any other form of unrealized benefit and loss due to loss of data that has been affected in one way or another by and / or arising from the use of this website.

7.3 More specifically, MUST SEE Rotterdam is in no way liable for any damage, however arising, with regard to:

  1. a) access to the Event, for the organization of the Event, for the (artistic) quality and content of the Event, or for the state of affairs in and around the Location;
  2. b) the purchase and delivery of tickets by third parties, or for Agreements that, whether or not at the request of the End User, are not fully complied with by MUST SEE Rotterdam and where a third party - for example the cash register at a Location - is directly or indirectly been involved;
  3. (c) compensation, including compensation or reimbursement of access charges, in case of cancellation of the event. If and to the extent that the Organizer decides to reimburse the Access Expenses and involve the Organizer MUST SEE Rotterdam to execute this, the reimbursement of the Admissions Costs demonstrably paid to MUST SEE Rotterdam will be settled by MUST SEE Rotterdam ;
  4. d) the loss of Tickets by the End User for any reason whatsoever;
  5. e) death, injury, accident, loss, damage or theft during or as a result of a visit to the Event or the Location; and.
  6. f) any damage resulting from a force majeure situation ("force majeure"), in accordance with article 6: 75 of the Dutch Civil Code).
  7. Reviews and photos.

8. The completed end-user assessment:
a) can be uploaded to the MUST SEE Rotterdam channels to inform (future) customers about your opinion about the event or location;
b) (wholly or partly) used and placed by MUST SEE Rotterdam at its discretion (eg for marketing, promotion or improvement of MUST SEE Rotterdam services) on MUST SEE Rotterdam channels or such (social) media platforms, newsletters, special promotions, apps or other channels that are owned, hosted, used or controlled by MUST SEE Rotterdam and MUST SEE Rotterdam business partners. MUST SEE Rotterdam reserves the right to modify, refuse or remove reviews at the sole discretion of Rotterdam.

8.2 By uploading photos / images to the MUST SEE Rotterdam system (for example in addition to a review), you represent, warrant and agree that you own the copyright to the photographs / images and that you agree that MUST SEE Rotterdam may use the uploaded photos / images on the MUST SEE Rotterdam channels, and in (online / offline) promotional materials and publications and such as MUST SEE Rotterdam as they see fit. You grant MUST SEE Rotterdam a non-exclusive, worldwide, irrevocable, unconditional, perpetual right and license to use, reproduce, reproduce, distribute, sublicense, communicate and make available the photographs and reviews. make as MUST SEE Rotterdam at its own discretion sees it well. By uploading and viewing these photos, the person who uploads them will publish and use the full legal and moral responsibility of all legal claims made by third parties (including but not limited to the relevant location) by MUST SEE Rotterdam. MUST SEE Rotterdam does not own or endorse the photos / images or reviews that have been uploaded. The truthfulness, validity and the right to use all photos / images is assumed by the person who uploaded the photo and is not the responsibility of MUST SEE Rotterdam. MUST SEE Rotterdam renounces all responsibility and liability for the posted photos / images.

9. Miscellaneous
9.1 In the event that one of the conditions of the MUST SEE Rotterdam conditions is declared invalid or otherwise not binding, the other conditions remain unaffected. MUST SEE Rotterdam will do everything possible to change the wording to achieve as much as possible the intention and purpose of non-binding or otherwise non-binding conditions.

9.2 The MUST SEE Rotterdam conditions contain the complete agreement between the end user and MUST SEE Rotterdam.

9.3 Dutch law applies to the MUST SEE Rotterdam conditions. All disputes will be submitted to the competent court in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. All disputes arising from or in connection with these Terms and Conditions, including questions about their existence, validity or termination, will be referred to and ultimately resolved by arbitration in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The arbitrator is approved by mutual agreement. If the dispute is not settled by arbitration within 10 days after the start of the arbitration, or such a further period if the parties agree in writing, the dispute shall be referred to and finally resolved by the competent court in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

9.4 The MUST SEE Rotterdam conditions can be adjusted at any time by MUST SEE Rotterdam. The changes will take effect 30 days after publication on this website. MUST SEE Rotterdam therefore recommends that the MUST SEE Rotterdam conditions be checked from time to time.

9.5 The original English version of these terms and conditions may have been translated into other languages. The translated version is only a courtesy and office translation and you can not derive any rights from the translated version. In the event of a dispute about the content or interpretation of these general terms and conditions or inconsistency or discrepancy between the English version and any other language version of these general terms and conditions, the English version shall, to the extent permitted by law, prevail and conclude. The English version is available on the MUST SEE Rotterdam website (by selecting the English language) or is sent to you on your written request.

10. Contact
MUST SEE Rotterdam is a private company with limited liability under Dutch law, located at the Prins Hendrikkade 32A-3, 3071 KB Rotterdam, the Netherlands. MUST SEE Rotterdam is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under file number 70084416. You are requested to send all correspondence to MUST SEE Rotterdam to the e-mail address or contact MUST SEE Rotterdam on 00 31 (0) 84 867 5112

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No, not at this moment.

Until then, we are of course easily accessible via mail, telephone or old-fashioned by post!

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